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Welcome to St. Joseph's Church
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Welcome to St Joseph’s, a vibrant and lively Catholic Church in Brighton

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Sunday Mass Times:
St Josephs

9.30am, 11.30am, 5.30pm

Sunday Mass Times:
St Francis

 Sunday 9.30am

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What's New For 2014







In the midst of what is for many, just another working week, we

are challenged as Christians to live these few days in a manner

which will allow Holy Week to live up to its name. We start with

Palm Sunday when the mood of the liturgy changes dramatically

from the celebratory atmosphere of the triumphal entry into

Jerusalem to the solemn and thought-provoking reading of the

Passion. The hymns of praise and palm-waving give way to the

contemplation of suffering and death...but as the events of the

week unfold, we gradually discover anew that it is not a death

without hope.








Holy Thursday marks the end of Lent and beginning of the most

sacred three days of our calendar. The liturgical celebration

stretches from Holy Thursday night until very late on Holy

Saturday Night like a seamless robe. Effectively all this time

constitutes one continuous ritual and we are invited not just to

be in church at the appointed times but also to give the

in-between times a special quality. Adults in the community are

invited to plan ahead so that the whole time from Thursday night

until the Easter Vigil can be free of social engagements and even

work — if it is possible. On Good Friday we fast from temporal

food and we also fast spiritually from Thursday night until the

Vigil, as during this time the sacraments are not celebrated.



Whether young or old, currently active in the parish or not,

please set these days aside. All of us should know that our

presence at the liturgies is not just by invitation. We are all

needed here. All of us need this whole community (from both

of our churches) to come together on its greatest days.







Holy Thursday

This evening, after listening to the scriptures we do something very strange:

we wash feet. This is not play-acting or even an enactment of the Gospel. It is

more important than that. Some of us go down on our knees with pitchers of water,

basins and towels. Jesus gave us this image of what the Church

is supposed to look like, feel like, act like. This is rehearsal for

Christian life. Later we celebrate the Eucharist, but the evening

has no ending: whether we stay to pray awhile or leave, we have

embarked on a journey which will take us to the cross and

beyond. This journey is the very beginning of eternity.



Good Friday

We gather quietly on Friday afternoon with ceremony but no

glory. We listen to scripture and then pray at some length for

the needs of the Church and the world. Then another once-a-

year event. The Holy Cross is held aloft and we come forward

one by one to venerate in our own way: a genuflection, a bow or a simple

kiss. It is the Cross we honour today, not the figure of Jesus. It is the wood

of the cross which symbolises our redemption. The Eucharist is not

celebrated today and conforming to early Church practice, we may wish not

to receive Holy Communion on this occasion. We fast from the

presence of Christ to prepare for our Easter Communion in the

joy of Resurrection. Holy Communion is reserved however, for

those who are sick. As our fast and prayer continues after we

leave church, there is no blessing or dismissal.





Easter Vigil

This is the night of nights! This is the very kernel of our faith,

only the most urgent or pressing of personal needs should keep

us away. If we do not yearn to be here, what is our faith worth

to us? Hungry and excited the Church gathers in the darkness

and lights a new fire and a great candle that will make this night

bright again for us. We listen to some of the most powerful

scriptures in the Bible, and then we pray for all the saints to stand with us as

we go to the font to bless the Easter water.

We renew our baptismal promises, our catechumens are

baptised, our candidates are  received and confirmed and

together we go to the table to celebrate the Easter Eucharist.

Easter Sunday begins and we are ready for fifty days of rejoicing!



Easter Sunday








Congratulations Ben And Katy!


Katy Gray, on maternity leave from
the Parish office, and her husband
Ben, on the birth of your daughter
Elizabeth Hope

Born Monday 1st April, 2014




Welcome to Deacon Stephen Sharpe



We are happy to welcome Deacon Stephen Sharpe

to our Parish with effect from Sunday 2nd March. Deacon Stephen will be joining us on a long-term secondment from his home Parish of Our Lady Queen of Peace (Adur Valley) and we hope that this will be the beginning of a fruitful partnership between our two parishes.



Urgent Funding for St Joseph's Catholic Church Repairs & Improvements


Restoration of St Joseph’s Church
We are about to invite tenders for the refurbishment of the church walls and
the re-laying of the floor, a target figure for the work will be published when
we have awarded the contract.
This is a major expense, and we need everyone’s help to be able to afford
this. Please consider how much you give in the collection. Also please do
make sure that, if you pay any tax, that you are enabling us to benefit from
the extra £1 for every £4 you give by signing up for gift aid.


Many thanks to all who generously sponsored Canon Kieron to ride his bike to Lourdes in July.
The total amount raised to date is £3,520 which will be applied directly to the St Joseph’s
refurbishment fund.


Situations Vacant

We need people for the following roles, on a voluntary basis,
St Joseph’s Hall Manager - to oversee and monitor the use of the hall and be a point of contact for maintenance issues. (No cleaning required)
Members to join the Health and Safety Committee. To help carry out an initial assessment and updating the online system.

For more information please contact the office on

01273 386159 or speak to Father Kieron.



Parish Announcement

After consulting with both communities in the Parish, Bishop Kieran and the Parish Team, Canon Kieron is now able

to announce the new arrangements for weekend masses which will be effective from the First Sunday of Advent.

This new timetable is necessary so that the whole Parish can be served by the Parish Priest without an

unsustainable dependence upon supply priests.

There will be Saturday evening Mass at St Francis at 5.30pm and on Sunday morning, masses at St Joseph’s at

9.30am and 11.30am and then 5.30pm. There will no longer be a Saturday morning Mass at St Joseph’s but there

will be Exposition and Confessions from 11.00am until midday. There will be a morning mass at St Francis at

Christmas and Easter and on other major feasts and a regular Friday Morning Mass at a time to be agreed. St

Francis will host a Mass for the Healing of the sick twice a year. Canon Kieran will set up a “St Francis Community

Core Group” which will manage this time of change and ensure that the Community at St Francis continues to

flourish and grow


Prayer for our New Pope Francis   


There are lots of ways you can help. We need people to work in schools, raising awareness of poverty and our work to alleviate it. We need people to help in the local office or contact their MP’s on issues of importance. We need people to run events and fundraise for us and of course pray for our work.

If you are interested, contact us on 01483 898 866 or



Rediscovering the joy and enthusiasm of the encounter with Christ

Pope Benedict, Year of Faith

Our Bishop, Kieran, invites us to enter a time of Jubilee in which to revitalize our life of faith. Bishop Kieran is calling us to deepen and renew our sense of vision as a Christian Community.
In preparation for the Diocesan Jubilee in 2015, we are called to rediscover and affirm our identity, our calling, and our mission, to bring about new life, and real change in our parish and world.


We will do this over the next 4 years by exploring together 4 vital aspects of our Christian life:

Worship: Offering our whole selves to the God who gives us the fullness of life
Word: Encountering God’s love for us revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ
Communion: Living with one heart and mind in the new life of the Risen Christ!
Mission: Bringing God’s love into a broken world

How to Get Involved

  • In October, we will begin the Living Faith Course, exploring Worship – delving into the rich and beautiful teaching of Vatican II on the Sacred Liturgy.
  • There will be dynamic and engaging conferences: see posters for details.
  • We will be letting you know about new ways to get involved in the life of the parish and Church.

Keep an eye on this notice board and the newsletter for news of events and opportunities to get involved.

For more information on the Jubilee, speak to members of the Jubilee Planning Team:

Derek Berry – 9:30 Mass
Sheila Fellingham – St Francis

Nick Wells – 11:30 Mass
Jo Gilbert – Jubilee Team Coordinator
Rachel Robertson – Youth Coordinator
Contact the Parish Office:

Jubilee Logo



For more information or to book, please contact Joanna: or call 01273 243876




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